Gateway Ranch History

Gateway Ranch began three generations ago, as a family homestead by Willie Morris. The homestead was surrounded by vast, open desert, the same quiet desert land you enjoy today at Gateway Ranch RV Resort.

Our grandmother homesteaded this land in the early 30's naming it Gateway Ranch. Every year our parents would load up the families to spend a week or two helping with chores. I remember Uncle Raymond even built a room across from the back porch and it became the kitchen.

Sometimes just we grandkids got to stay longer with our grandmother. We spent most of the days inside because it was so hot, but early mornings and late evenings grandmother would go for a walk and us kids would hunt snakes and scorpions!indian_history

Grandmother had chickens, hogs and three dogs. I remember asking my father once if grandmother ever got lonely, he replied she had her dogs so was never alone. People would stop by to visit Grandmother and take pictures of the statues that my Uncle Cecil had made of plaster. There was Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and a larger than life size of a beautiful woman. Up on the hilltop was even a large sculpture of an Indian shading his eyes and looking out over the desert.

In 1995 my sister and I decided to share our beautiful location by building an rv park. We completed the park in 2002 and looked around at our new adventure and thought, we should add park models to rent to visitors also. We still enjoy visiting our beautiful park numerous times each year and visiting with old and new friends. We invite you to join us!